Will Smith- Switch (Acoustic Remix)

Really big fan of what they did here

Remember this song? You know, the one that Will Smith released when he was still rapping in 2005? The song that jumped to #7 on the Billboard 100?

Well in case you answered no to any of these questions, I hope I can refresh your memory with this awesome acoustic version of Will Smith’s song “Switch”by Syd R Duke.

I won’t lie, when I first saw this version, I had completely forgot about this gem back from Will Smith’s rapping days. Granted, it’s no “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” or “Miami”, but it is still a fantastic song. Taking one of the biggest songs of the summer of 2005, Syd R Duke adds his own acoustic flavor, making for a brand new sounding song.

Simply put, the acoustic version of this song is awesome. Syd R Duke did a fantastic job of keeping the element of “Switch” while adding an acoustic sound that works perfectly with the beat of the song.

Be sure to check out this video from Syd R Duke, as well as his other videos over on his YouTube channel.