Seal- Kiss From A Rose

Wow. Just wow.

It has been quite awhile since I last heard Seal’s 90’s hit, “Kiss From A Rose”. After browsing the internet looking for a good cover to post the other day, I happened across this version by Reeps, Josh Bevan, and Marcia Richards, and have to say, boy, was I impressed.

“Kiss From A Rose” was an absolute massive ┬áhit back in the 90’s. I remember hearing it all the time when I was younger, whether on the radio or on television, it was everywhere. I love what these three did in their rendition of this classic 90’s hit. Using strong vocals, a great guitar melody, and impressive beatboxing, they successfully pull off a memorable and impressive cover of the iconic song.

Check out more from Reeps over on his YouTube channel, and you can find more from Josh Bevan on his Facebook page as well as more from Marcia Richards on her Facebook.