Rae Sremmurd- No Type (Acoustic Cover)

One of the hottest songs in rap with an acoustic twist

Over the past few months, rap duo Rae Sremmurd have gone from virtually unknown to one of the biggest names in hip-hop. Their latest single, “No Type” has exploded on the hip-hop scene, rising to the top of charts and receiving mass radio play.

While the original version had me impressed, singer Drew Tabor’s acoustic rendition absolutely blew me away. Taking on one of the hottest songs in hip-hop, Tabor completely transformed “No Type” from a trap hit into a beautiful acoustic rendition.

Utilizing her impressive vocals and excellent instrumentals, Drew Tabor recreates “No Type” and delivers an unforgettable acoustic version. Tabor’s version not only showcases her originality, but her vocal talent as well.

With well over 175k subscribers on her YouTube channel, Drew Tabor is well on her way to big things in music. With covers like this one of “No Type”, we fully expect her to continue to rise within the industry.

Head on over to Drew Tabor’s YouTube channel for more amazing music!

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