Check Out No Cameras Allowed, The Documentary About A Photographer That Snuck Into The Biggest Festivals In The World

A must watch documentary for all music and festival lovers!

Have some downtime at the office today, or time to kill in between classes? Well then check out this awesome documentary “No Cameras Allowed”.

Based around the journeys of James Marcus Hanley, an amateur photographer/videographer, “No Cameras Allowed” documents the incredible story and journey of Jame Marcus Hanley as he sneaks into music festivals all throughout the country.

While we don’t condone the sneaking into of music festivals, the documentary is an amazing and entertaining watch of a dedicated music fan who will stop at nothing to see and experience his favorite bands. The story is pretty incredible, from the first time he snuck into a music festival at Coachella in 2010, to when Mumford and Sons invited him on tour to capture footage.

Say what you want about this kid, but he his living the music lovers absolute dream. Check out the documentary below!