K.A.A.N- The OJ’S

The hits keep coming for this up and coming MC

If you have ever been to The Undiscovered before, chances are you are familiar with up-and-coming, DMV-based hip-hop artist, K.A.A.N. For those of you that aren’t, it’s about time that you introduce yourselves.

Prior to our recent lengthy hiatus, K.A.A.N was a regular fixture here on The Undiscovered, becoming one of the most featured artist here on the site. However, since we’ve been gone, K.A.A.N has been on an absolute TEAR, posting a new song seemingly every week. And these haven’t been filler songs either, they have been absolute hits.

“The OJ’S” is one of K.A.A.N’s latest singles.  Featuring his trademark lyricism/flow over a hard-hitting beat, “The OJ’S” provides yet another example of the incredible talent that K.A.A.N possesses. After just one listen, you will quickly understand why K.A.A.N is one of the brightest young start hip-hop has to offer.

With all the music K.A.A.N has posted over these past few months, we highly recommend you take a few minutes out of your day and head on over to K.A.A.N’s YouTube channel.