Pope- Dance the Night Away & Music Is Emotion

End the work week with a bang!

Tough week at work? Well end it on a high note with the upbeat, addictive singles, “Music Is Emotion” and “Dance The Night Away” by pop artist Pope.

Usually when we post an artist here on The Undiscovered, we only post one song from them. That is not the case with up-and-coming musical artist Pope. When I first came across “Music Is Emotion” and “Dance The Night Away”, I had a difficult time deciding which song to feature on the blog. Both songs were incredible in their own way, providing an upbeat, happy-go-lucky vibe perfect to bring in the weekend. After much debate, I realized I couldn’t leave one of the songs off the blog and decided to post them both.

With their uptempo, piano driven melodies, soothing lyrics, and feel-good vibes, “Music Is Emotion” and “Dance The Night Away” are the perfect tracks to end your busy week and jump start your weekend. From the second you press play, both songs will have you tapping your feet to the beat and dancing around in your seat.

If you enjoy both tracks, we highly recommend you take a few minutes out of your day and check out Pope over on his YouTube channel.