Cee-Roo- Make It Funky

Turn the funk up

Living up to its title, “Make It Funky” is another solid track from the extremely talented Swiss producer/artist, Cee-Roo.

Released just a few days ago, “Make It Funky” provides the ultimate combination of electronic music and funk in a track that makes it near impossible to sit still. From the very beginning, “Make It Funky” makes you want to clap your hands to the beat and get up out of your seat and dance along to the beat.

Catching our ears with his last track, “Give It Up”, Cee-Roo has been firmly placed on our radar here at The Undiscovered. Each one of his tracks carries an incredible and infectious melody that beautifully fuses together the elements of funk, dance, electronic, soul, and pop to create music that is perfect for almost every setting.

If you didn’t check out Cee-Roo from our last post, I highly recommend you do so now by heading over to his SoundCloud page!