Brandon Perry- KAANCEPTS

Hot Damn

Combining a top notch beat with ridiculous flow, up and coming rapper Brandon Perry, a.k.a K.A.A.N, delivers an absolute BEAST of a track with his new single, “KAANCEPTS”. ┬áBringing an old school vibe rapping over Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggs, “Deep Cover”, Brandon Perry demonstrates his lyrical and rap game prowess as he spits intelligent verse after intelligent verse while flexing his impressive flow.

Hailing from the hip-hop breeding ground of the DMV, Brandon Perry is out to prove that his name belongs in the conversation of the areas best MCs. Judging by the talent that has originated from the DMV, Brandon Perry certainly has his work cut out for him if he wants to stand out from the rest. However, if he keeps producing tracks like “KAANCEPTS”, something tells he’ll be just fine.

With his new mixtape due out in the near future, be sure to stay tuned to Brandon Perry’s SoundCloud page for new music!