All Them Witches- When God Comes Back

Now that is rock music

Several weeks back KISS front-man Gene Simmons declared in an interview that “Rock is finally dead”. Well Mr. Simmons, either you have been living under a rock, too lazy to find music past the radio, or have no idea what good music sound like past the over-commercialized, simplistic ‘rock’ that KISS put out.

After doing a bit of research on the topic, I discovered a band that would surely shut Mr. Simmons up for a bit. Proving rock isn’t dead is Nashville based band All Them Witches with their single “When God Comes Back”.

Featuring driving guitars and pounding drums, “When God Comes Back” combines the elements of psychedelic and blues rock to create an epic and unique sound of modern rock music. Taken from a live show, their performance of “When God Comes Back” shows that not only are they capable of creating epic rock songs, but they can also perform one hell of a head-banging show as well.

All Them Witches has been pumping out the jam since their formation in 2012 and have developed quite a dedicated  and growing fan base. With one album released to date, something tells us we aren’t done hearing from All Them Witches just yet. To listen to more from All Them Witches, head on over to their YouTube channel!

See Mr. Simmons, rock music isn’t dead, you just have to stop being lazy and look for it.