ZERBIN- Worlds On Fire

The next big thing in indie rock is here

After a weekend long celebration of Canada thanks to the NBA All Star game, we figured we would keep the party rolling with our neighbors to the North with the incredible indie rock/pop single, “Worlds On Fire” by Canadian trio Zerbin.

Self described as a ‘melodic symphonic prophetic alternative indie rock band’, Zerbin combines elements of indie rock and pop music to create an upbeat, infectious jam with their single “Worlds On Fire”. Highlighted by its catchy, get-up-and-dance melody, “Worlds On Fire” delivers a track that will have you pressing play over, and over, and over again.

With the successful release of their LP Darling in 2015 and new singles on the way, Zerbin is poised to make 2016 their biggest year yet. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing their name more and more this year.

We highly recommend you head on over to Zerbin’s YouTube channel to see more of the great music they have to offer. We also recommend you head on over to their Spotify page and give their incredible LP, Darling a listen, you won’t regret it.