Young Braves- For The Day

Age is just a number for this indie/rock band on-the-rise

Hailing from The Midlands in the UK is the young, four-piece indie-rock group, Young Braves, with their brand new single “For The Day”.

Featured on their debut EP For The Day, the Young Braves deliver an impressive new single in “For The Day”. With it’s intricate melodies, soothing vocals, and infectious chorus, “For The Day” sounds more like a single from a veteran band than that of a young, up-and-coming group.

After taking a couple of listens, it is tough to believe that the members of the Young Braves are only 16/17 years old. That is just crazy! Juggling a packed schedule of rehearsals, gigs, and– most importantly– schoolwork, the Young Braves still managed to put together a tremendous year– gigging locally, earning slots at festivals, and gaining support from radio stations.

With so many awesome things happening in such a short time for this young, talented band, we are extremely excited to see what 2015 has in store for the Young Braves. Currently negotiating festivals in 2015 and continuing to gig locally, we fully expect 2015 to be the year the Young Braves hit it big!

Stay on the lookout for this young group and tune into their SoundCloud page for more awesome music!