WULF- Waves

Great song with a chilled out vibe

Hailing from across the pond is London is alternative indie trio Wulf with their single “Waves”.

Set around a mellow sounding melody, “Waves” provides for an excellent introduction to this trio on the rise. On the verge of releasing their debut EP, Wulf has been gaining plenty of steam, having been featured on BBC as well as opening up for singer/songwriter Dan Croll.

Currently, Wulf only has one other song on their SoundCloud page, a song featured on their upcoming EP titled “Lairs”. However, once their EP is released it can be expected that more great music is to come. With two solid singles already under their belt, we here at The Undiscovered will be anxiously waiting the release of Wulf’s debut EP!

Check out their SoundCloud page for their other single, “Lairs”!