Witty- Dinner for Two

Quality hip-hop

Representing Connecticut/New York is hip-hop artist, Witty, with his new single, “Dinner for Two”.

Call me crazy, but after my first listen of “Dinner for Two”, Witty’s voice and flow reminded me of hip-hop superstar, Eminem. Now I know that is quite the lofty comparison to make to such a young and new artist, but I stand by it. His sound is near identical and his flow is pretty comparable as well.

Despite the comparison with Eminem, Witty is still able to create his own unique sound and vibe with “Dinner for Two”. Only released a few days ago, “Dinner for Two” has gained views rapidly and has listeners from all over declaring him an artist to watch.

After taking a listen to Witty’s body of work, it’s tough to disagree that this artist is on the road to a breakthrough. Be sure to remember the name and pay attention because big things are on the horizon for this kid.

Check out more music from Witty over on his YouTube channel!

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