Windsor Airlift- Rope Bridge, Windy Day

Relax and unwind to the sounds of Windsor Airlift.

Introducing Windsor Airlift, a post-rock instrumental group formed by Adam Young in 2002.  If you haven’t heard of Adam Young maybe you would recognize him from his main project, Owl City.  If you haven’t heard of Owl City maybe you would recognize their song Fireflies, which put them on the map in 2009.

Windsor Airlift is now solely composed of artists, Andy and Anthony Johnson, with a little help from Emily Johnson on the keyboard.  The sound production is based off of a combination of guitar, bass, piano, electronic keyboard, synthesizers, and drums.  All instrumental with an ambient vibe, Windsor Airlift is definitely in the “chill” category.  For a chance to listen and download the groups most recent album check out their Band Camp Page.

Shout out to my bro, Kevin Fuss, for the tip.

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