WILSON- When I’m Gone (Feat. Camila Recchio)

Remember the name, this guy is about to blow up

Part of the hip-hop duo KnowMads, Seattle-based rapper Wilson brings us his awesome new single, “When I’m Gone”, featuring vocals from Camila Recchio.

Sampling Anna Kendrick’s “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone)”, Wilson teams up with singer Camila Recchio to deliver an incredible and unique hip-hop single. ┬áRapping over the famed “Cups” melody, Wilson showcases his impressive lyricism and flow that has helped establish KnowMad’s rapidly growing and dedicated following.

If you have never heard of the KnowMads before today, stop what you are doing and check them out immediately. Featuring Wilson and Pepe, KnowMads combine an impressive mixture of music and lyrics that deliver a unique hip-hop experience.

Check out more of Wilson and the KnowMads over on their YouTube channel.