Weekend Series- Foo Fighters ‘Sonic Highways’

The rock gods are back and still kickin’

The weekend is finally here, and what better way to kick it off than with the rock legends, Foo Fighters and their brand new album, Sonic Highways.

The bands highly anticipated, much hyped eighth studio album was released earlier this month and to much fanfare. Surrounded by an eight episode HBO series, Sonic Highways has been on fans radar since it was announced earlier this year.

With each one of the albums eight tracks recorded in a different US city, Sonic Highways not only explores the United States, but rock’s deep musical roots in each one of the cities. The album is as much of a country-wide tour as it is a journey through rock’s incredible geographical evolution. With that in mind, it’s an amazing experience to listen to each song and hear the different musical influences that went into each track. For example, the third track “Congregation” explores Nashville’s southern rock roots and employs the help of country singer Zac Brown, while “Feast and Famine” utilizes the go-go beats made famous by Washington D.C.s underground rock scene.

Of course, with the tracks many different influences, the Foo Fighters still managed to blend their trademark, raw rock sound into each track, creating an amazingly unique listening experience.

The Foo Fighters have been producing music for 20 years now. I’ll repeat that again: 20. Years. What is really incredible is after 20 years they are still producing quality music and performing outrageous live shows that fans adore and love.

We highly recommend everyone check out the amazing documentary that has coincided with the release of this new album sometime this weekend. Otherwise,we hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Stay safe and keep warm!

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