Weekend Series: Calvin Harris ‘Motion’

Perfect album to kickstart your weekend

Need some new music to spice up your weekend? Well look no further than Calvin Harris’s brand new album, Motion. Featuring some of the biggest names in EDM and pop music, Calvin Harris delivers an incredible, dance fueled album in Motion.

Similar to the mainstream nature of his previous ¬†album, 18 Months, Calvin Harris doesn’t miss a beat with Motion. Whether it’s dance filled tracks like “Blame” and “Under Control” or his new smash hit with Ellie Goulding “Outside”, Motion will provide you with all the necessary tracks to jump start your weekend adventures.

It seems that each album Calvin Harris releases is a massive hit, and that is no surprise. Since his early days, Calvin Harris has demonstrated tremendous skill and understanding of the electronic music genre. He has gone from playing with a live band for the massive crowds at Oxegen to performing in the biggest and most popular clubs throughout the world. It has been awesome to see Calvin Harris grow as an artist and performer over the years and to see his music evolve and still produce massive hits.

Whether or not you choose to listen to the full album or pick and choose songs to add to a playlist, Motion is guaranteed to keep you moving through the weekend!

Hope you all have a safe and fantastic weekend!


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