Wayne Szalinski- Tell Me Lover

Shocked this doesn’t have more views

Michigan’s very own rocker, Wayne Szalinski, brings us his epic song, “Tell Me Lover” from his Audiotree performance.

I heard of Wayne Szalinski for the first time just last night and have probably listened to “Tell Me Lover” 5-6 times from then till now. The song is just so perfect, starting off slow then quickly picking up pace, delivering us an awesome and complete rock song. It’s always refreshing to hear a song like “Tell Me Lover” when rock artists are so focused on the pop-iness and top 40 aspect of rock music today. Wayne Szalinski and band help bring us back to the good ole sound of alternative rock.

For more awesome music from Wayne Szalinski, head on over to his YouTube channel and Bandcamp page!

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