Vulfpeck- Christmas in L.A.

Keeping the Christmas vibes going

In anticipation of our Official Christmas Playlist release this Friday, we wanted to keep the holiday spirit going with this incredible holiday song “Christmas in L.A.” from the rhythm section Vulfpeck.

Originally an instrumental track on their 2014 album Fugue State, Vulfpeck decided to add the incredible vocals of David T. Walker and release the track just in time for the holidays. An amazing combination of funk, soul, and r&b, “Christmas in L.A.” delivers the perfect Christmas tune for all the children, both big and small.

With so many different versions of the same songs being played over and over again, it’s refreshing to have an awesome, brand new Christmas song to add to the playlist.

With their epic funk and soul sound, Vulfpeck is definitely looking to funk up your Christmas celebrations. If you haven’t listened to them before, we highly recommend you check out their YouTube channel for more awesome music!

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