Us the Duo- Top Hits of 2014

Nothing short of awesome

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. As 2014 quickly comes to a close, all throughout the internet people are generating their Best of 2014 lists. While most of these are pointless and nothing more than time consumers, this Top Hits of 2014 from Us the Duo is nothing short of amazing.

Taking on some of 2014’s biggest hits, Us the Duo performs spectacular renditions of 12 songs in under 3 minutes. The feat itself is impressive, but Us the Duo adds in their musical talent to take this video from impressive to spectacular.

Uploaded just yesterday, Us the Duo’s video has already gained over 200k views. A number that is only going up by the seconds. It’s no surprise that so many people have already watched this video. After a massive 2014, Us the Duo captured the hearts and ears of millions of listeners throughout the world. It’s only fitting that they end this year on a high note.

If you have never checked out Us the Duo before, we recommend you do so ASAP. You can check out more of their awesome covers and originals over on their YouTube channel!

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