Twenty One Pilots- House of Gold (Once Musical Australian Cast)

Can’t think of a better way to start off your Monday

I think it is safe to say with little argument that today is one of the top-5 worst Monday’s of the year. After a long, long weekend filled with overeating, drinking, and staying out way past your bedtime, it’s time to snap back to reality and deal with the real world.

In order to ease up your difficult transition, we figured some good music might help kick start your Monday morning. Look no further than the incredible cover of Twenty One Pilot’s beautiful song “House of Gold” put together by the Australian cast of Once the musical.

Created in honor of his mother, “House of Gold” isĀ one of the more beautiful and emotional songs I have heard in the past year. Keeping the essence of the song, the cast of Once the Musical did a spectacular job in covering the song. Using a large ensemble, the cast combines piano, ukulele, mandolin, and a string section to add their own unique spin to this amazing song.

From start to finish their cover had me completely captivated. Great job by the cast for covering such an emotional song in such a beautiful way. If you happen to be in or around Australian, head on over to your nearest theater and check out these guys performing in Once the Musical!

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