Towkio- Heaven Only Knows (Ft. Chance the Rapper, Lido, Eryn Allen Kane)

Straight fire from one of hip-hops best collectives

Based out of Chicago,  Towkio isn’t a name that generally comes to mind when people think of hip-hops up-and-coming MCs. However, that all looks to change quickly as Towkio amazes with his latest single, “Heaven Only Knows”.

Featuring the verses of Towkio and Chance the Rapper, producing of Lido, and beautiful vocals of Eryn Allen Kane, “Heaven Only Knows” will leave you in awe from the second you press play. Highlighted by its infectious chorus and incredible melody, Towkio and Chance showcase their hip-hop chops as they both deliver verses worthy of a standing ovation.

Both members of the hip-hop collective Save Money, Chance the Rapper and Towkio are quickly proving that they are some of hip-hops brightest young stars. With Chance being a member of XXL’s Freshman 2o14 and Towkio rapidly expanding his fan base, Save Money is well on it’s way to becoming hip-hops premier collective.

With his new mixtape upcoming and support from the Save Money crew, Towkio is ready to burst onto the hip-hop scene. Be sure to stay tuned to his SoundCloud page for new releases and updates from his upcoming mixtape.

For more music from Chance the Rapper check out his SoundCloud page!




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