Top 50 Songs of 2014 30-21

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30. Twin Atlantic- Heart And Soul

UK based alternative rock group Twin Atlantic got off to a great start in 2014 with their awesome combination of song and video in their hit single “Heart And Soul”.

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29. Bear Hands- Giants

Coming at us by way of Brooklyn, alternative rock group Bear Hands grabbed our attention with their infectious and upbeat single “Giants”.

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28. Skip The Use- The Story Of Gods And Men

While most songs grabbed our attention simply for the music, French electro funk, rock, and pop band Skip The Use did so with an excellent message. Their single “The Story Of Gods And Men” presented listeners with an addictive, dance-fueled single, while also packing a fantastic message within its lyrics.

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27. Wild Party- When I Get Older

Their debut single from their album Phantom Pop, Wild Party had us instantly hooked from the second we hit play on “When I Get Older”.

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26. Bay Faction- Crack Pipe

Brought ┬áto us via submission, “Crack Pipe” quickly became one of our favorite releases of 2014. Released by rock/r&b trio Bay Faction, “Crack Pipe” is just a small taste of what is sure to be a productive career in music.

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25. Weekend Money- Trapper Keeper ft. Fat Tony

Featuring an old-school styled beat, Weekend Money’s “Trapper Keeper” delivered a premier and unique hip-hop hit in a field that has become saturated with repetitive singles.

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24. Andy Grammer- Back Home

Up and coming LA pop singer Andy Grammer jumped onto the scene in a big way in 2014 with his smash hit “Back Home”. Gaining close to 1 million views on YouTube, Andy Grammer is poised for a massive 2015!

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23. Eli ‘Paper Boy’ Reed- Shock To The System

One of the most infectious singles of 2014, Brookly-based singer/songwriter Eli ‘Paper Boy’ Reed hooked us in with his incredibly infectious single “Shock To The System”.

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22. Bear Lincoln- The News

Combining a catchy, upbeat, get on your feet and dance melody with a powerful horn section, Bay Area rockers Bear Lincoln delivered a mind-blowing single that that left us clapping our hands and our feet moving.

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21. Lemaitre- High Tide

Ever think that Oslo, Norway would have a killer electro-pop group? Me either until I came across Lemaitre and their amazingly addictive single “High Tide”. With its infectious melody, “High Tide” quickly won over fans of all different genres and earned its spot at #21 on our Top 50 songs of 2014.

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