Top 50 Songs of 2014 20-11

We’ve reached the Top 20!

20. Mystery Skulls- Ghosts

Having recently signed with Warner Music Group, electronic/indie pop group Mystery Skulls found huge success with their awesome single “Ghosts”.

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19. Cee Roo- Give It Up

Providing us with a completely different sound, producer Cee Roo delivered a big time infectious single with his electro funk fusion of James Brown in “Give It Up”.

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18. Lashaun- Home Late

2014 was a year where we found ourselves being introduced to a large number of high-quality and young hip-hop acts. One such acts was the 19 year old up and coming rapper Lashaun and his incredible single “Home Late”.

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17. Jakubi- Couch Potato

Drawing from a number of different genres, Jakubi¬†created a spectacular and addictive sound with their hit single “Couch Potato”. With a rapidly growing fan base and increasing world wide popularity, we expect big things from Jakubi in the near future.

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16. Busty And The Bass- Tryna Find Myself

Unique doesn’t do Busty And The Bass justice when trying to describe their sound. Combining elements of electro, funk, soul, and hip-hop, Busty And The Bass creates an unbelievable sound in their massive single “Tryna Find Myself”.

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15. Big Gigantic- The Night Is Young

One of the few artists on this countdown we had the privilege of seeing live, electronic duo Big Gigantic started off their massive 2014 with the release of “The Night Is Young”. A fun, dance-fueled party anthem, “The Night Is Young” helped launch Big Gigantic to household name status in 2014.

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14. Raz Simone- They’ll Speak

Raz Simone was hands down our favorite rapper from 2014. So, what better song to have on our Top 50 Songs of 2014 countdown than the one that introduced us to him? Simply put, “They’ll Speak” is an absolute masterpiece. Both lyrically and in flow, Raz Simone amazes from start to finish. With his new album due out in 2015, massive things are on the horizon for this budding star.

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13. Oh Honey- Until You Let Me

Without a doubt, Oh Honey had the biggest year of any artist on this countdown. From relatively unknown in 2013 to having their songs played on commercials and in TV shows in 2014, Oh Honey saw the biggest rise from any artist posted on The Undiscovered. Taken from their recently released EP, “Until You Let Me” quickly became one of my favorite songs of 2014. Take a listen yourself and see why!

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12. The Str!ke- Warriors

Posted just a few weeks ago, The Str!ke’s “Warriors” quickly became one of my favorite songs of the year. With it’s incredibly catchy chorus and big-time sound, “Warriors” is a certified jam that will have you hooked after just one listen.

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11. Future Island- Seasons (Waiting On You)

After their performance on David Letterman, Baltimore synth-pop band Future Islands saw a tremendous increase in popularity. Largely due to their energetic frontman, Future Islands quickly won the hearts of millions across the world with their unique sound, incredible live shows, and all-around amazing music.

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