The Wind and The Wave- With Your Two Hands

Some folk for your Tuesday

We have been a bit off of our Folk music game lately, but hopefully this post helps make up for it. Hailing from Austin, Texas folk duo The Wind and The Wave bring us their first single”With Your Two Hands” off their debut album.

A fast-paced melody with a catchy chorus, “With Your Two Hands” is everything an artist would want in their premier single off their debut album. Veterans in the music industry, The Wind and The Wave have created a solid track to support their critically-acclaimed debut album.

Having just released their debut album to much praise, it is safe to assume that The Wind and The Wave have plenty more in store for us. Take a minute out of your day today to check out From the Wreckage, their debut album, and head on over to their Facebook page for updates on the band!

FYI, they just recorded a bunch of covers so be on the lookout for more amazing music soon!

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