The Underachievers- Amorphous (Feat. Portugal The Man)

Straight fire on this snowy Tuesday

If you happen to be snowed in on the East Coast today, don’t fret. We will be pumping out as much music as we can throughout the day to keep you entertained!

Kicking off this snowy Tuesday morning is the Brooklyn-based hip-hop duo, The Underachievers, with their incredible new single “Amorphous”.

Featuring the talented Alaskan rock band Portugal The Man, The Underachievers deliver a certified hip-hop hit with their newest single, “Amorphous”. Combining the instrumentals of Portugal The Man with their verse and flow, “Amorphous’ creates a wonderful fusion of rock and hip-hop that is guaranteed to satisfy your ear buds.

If reddit has told me anything about The Underachievers over the past few days it is this: DO NOT SLEEP ON THEM! With their unique take on the hip-hop genre and immense amount of talent, The Underachievers have the chops to make it BIG in the hip-hop game.

For more music from The Underachievers, head on over to their YouTube channel.

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