The Revivalists- Keep Going


In need of a new tune to help brighten up your day? Well look no further than the brand new single, “Keep Going”, from New Orleans-based rock band on-the-rise The Revivalists.

Fresh off the announcement of their new album Men Amongst Mountains, The Revivalists treated fans yesterday with the release of their first single, “Keep Going”. Featuring their trademark sound, The Revivalists deliver an instant hit with their new single, rewarding dedicated fans with their first new single in nearly a year.

Combing elements of funk and soul with a modern rock twist, “Keep Going” delivers a track that amazes from start to finish. With it’s catchy chorus, feel good vibe, and infectious breakdown, “Keep Going” is a track guaranteed to satisfy listeners both new and old.

Men Amongst Mountains is due out July 17th and I for one am beyond excited. I have made it no secret on this website that The Revivalists are by far my favorite band in musicĀ  today. Their unique brand of rock, infectious and addictive tunes, and electric live performances make them, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest acts in the rock scene today– an absolute must see.

“Keep Going” is just the first taste of what to expect from The Revivalists on their new album. If the past serves as any indication of what is to come, I believe we are all in for a real treat. Men Amongst Mountains might just be the album to launch The Revivalists into the stratosphere of popularity.

Go ahead and mark off July 17th on your calendars right now and be sure to be first in line when the album is released! For now, you can head over to their YouTube channel and check out more of their incredible music!


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