The Pilot Kids- Nothing

2 Guys, 1 Guitar (Four Hands Rapping)

^That is the description given for New Jersey-based duo The Pilot Kids epic new video for their single, “Nothing”. And let us just say it is 50 shades of awesome.

Chances are, you have never heard of alternative hip-hop duo The Pilot Kids before. That changes today with their incredible new single “Nothing”.

I’ll be honest, before I pressed play on the video for “Nothing” I didn’t really know what to expect. Was the two guys on a guitar just a gimmick for more views? Well, gimmick or not, it worked. Just a few seconds in, The Pilot Kids had erased any and all doubt that had crept into my mind. I was hooked.

Combining an incredibly infectious melody with mind-blowing lyrics and flow, “Nothing” delivers a must listen track, essential for any of your weekend playlists. I’m not sure if it was the impressive instrumentals that drew me in, or the fun and catchy lyrics, but whatever it was, I could not stop pressing play.

Having successfully released their debut EP Open Fire late last year, The Pilot Kids have their sights set on a massive 2015.¬†With “Nothing” being their first original release of the new year, something tells us 2015 is gonna be a fun and exciting year for them, and we here at The Undiscovered cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

Do yourself a favor and check out The Pilot Kids YouTube channel for more of their original music and some impressive cover songs. We also recommend you head over to their SoundCloud page where you can stream their EP and download it for free!

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