The Handsome Family- Far From Any Road (True Detective Intro Song)

The epic theme song from the best show on television

Those that watch the incredible HBO series, ‘True Detective’, will recognize this song right from the beginning. For those that don’t watch ‘True Detective’, what are you waiting for?

The critically acclaimed HBO series, ‘True Detective’, starring Woody Harrelson and Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, has captivated audiences in its first season and has many proclaiming it as the best show currently on television.

Behind the awesomeness of the show is it’s incredible introduction song, “Far From Any Road” by The Handsome Family. With it’s slow and steady beat and chilling vocals, “Far From Any Road” perfectly sets the stage for the darkness of ‘True Detective’. The Handsome Family have found themselves in the spotlight over the past few weeks with their song rapidly rising in popularity due largely to the success of the show.

Since this is a music website, we won’t go into much more detail about how much we love the show and our theories on how it will end next week. However, if you haven’t seen the show yet, we highly recommend you binge watch all seven episodes over the next week and catch the season finale this Sunday.

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