The Correspondents- Fear & Delight

Weird video, Incredible song

The Correspondents, hailing from London, England, bring us their quirky, unique, and addicting song, “Fear & Delight”. This duo, comprised of Mr. Bruce (Singer, MC) and Chucks (DJ/Producer), takes the genres of jazz, hip hop, drum N’ Bass, and electro and fuse them together to create their unique, swing dance style sound that is guaranteed to get your feet moving.

The top comment on their iTunes page could not be a truer statement, reading, “People need to get to know this band!”. Through their quirky videos and uptempo performances, The Correspondents have slowly been building a fan base worldwide. Their live performances, consisting of flamboyant costumes and high energy music, has quKnown amongst their fans for their quirky videos, and high energy performances, The Correspondents has quickly earned them a spot in ‘The Telegraphs’ Top Ten Highlights of Glastonbury the past 2 years.

With big things on the horizon, as well as an album on the way, for The Correspondents, you won’t want to fall behind and be the last of your friends to jump on the bandwagon. Check them out on their YouTube page for more of their wacky music videos and check out their Facebook page for updates on the duo!

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