The Chain Gang of 1974- Sleepwalking

Glad all that time playing GTA V payed off

If this song sounds familiar in the beginning, that’s because it should. “Sleepwalking” by The Chain Gang of 1974 was featured in the trailer for the biggest video game of 2013, Grand Theft Auto V. Whether or not you played the game, you definitely saw the trailer which was played several times a day on just about every single channel.

Despite what may sound like a full band, The Chain Gang of 1974 is comprised of one man, Kamtin Mohager, who uses a multitude of instruments and DJ skills to bring forth his unique alternative sound. “Sleepwalking” is an awesome song that is catchy from the very start. It’s chilled out vibe is a nice change of pace and will certainly get you feeling relaxed.

Check out more from The Chain Gang of 1974 over on their Facebook and SoundCloud!

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