The Buggles- Video Killed The Radio Star (cover)

This is pretty neat.

Whoever said car rides needed to be boring?

Taking advantage of their time in a car, Dublin based band Storyfold performs a fun cover of The Buggles’s “Video Killed The Radio Star”.

Performed for the YouTube channel College Times’s ‘Traffic Jams’ series, Storyfold one-ups the singing in a car game with their cover of “Video Killed The Radio Star”. Using just a guitar and their voices (which are lovely), Storyfold is able to perform a simple, yet wonderful rendition of The Buggles hit song. Complexity doesn’t always ensure a great cover and Storyfold proves that simplicity can also be a good thing.

Though only performing with half of the band (hey, it’s a pretty small car) Storyfold is still able to showcase their talents well enough to warrant a listen to their original music. To listen to more from Storyfold, head on over to their YouTube channel!

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