Thank You Scientist- Absentee

The perfect song to start off your week

Coming at us from the great state of New Jersey is the progressive rock group Thank You Scientist with their incredible new single “Absentee”.

The fifth track off of their debut album, “Absentee” brings forth an incredible progressive rock sound that looks to place Thank You Scientist on the map. Featuring vocals reminiscent of Coheed and Cambria and a fusion of rock, classical, and jazz, “Absentee” creates a unique and infectious sound that will have you hooked from the second you press play.

Consisting of a whopping seven members, including a violinist and horns, Thank You Scientist combines a number of different musical elements to create their unique, progressive rock sound. Since their incorporation in 2009 during their time in Montclair State University’s music program, Thank You Scientist have been bringing their impressive and unique brand of rock music to fans throughout the country. With over 14k likes on Facebook, it looks like the people like what they hear.

Seats are still available on the Thank You Scientist bandwagon and you don’t want to be the last one on. Take a second and check out more of their music on YouTube!

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