Taylor Swift- Blank Space (MAX Cover)

The kid does  it yet again.

In quite possibly the least surprising news of the year, Max Schneider yet again delivers an absolutely incredible cover of a hit pop song. This time, taking on Taylor Swift’s latest hit from her new album “Blank Space”, Max takes out his ukulele and performs an unforgettable acoustic cover.

Combining his impressive ukulele skills with his unbelievably powerful vocals, MAX leaves us in awe throughout his three and a half minute rendition of “Blank Space”. Having followed MAX on YouTube over the past few months, it really shouldn’t surprise us with amazement anymore when he uploads new material. However, with each release he manages to amaze us more and more.

MAX is one of YouTube’s brightest young stars and has been steadily growing his brand over the past couple of years. With a few excellent original tracks and a plethora of covers under his belt, MAX has the arsenal necessary to make significant noise within the music industry. Be on the lookout for this budding star over the next few months as he continues to upload original’s and covers that amaze.

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