Taylor Swift- Bad Blood (Twenty One Two Rock Cover)

Putting a rock twist over a pop sound

Several days ago, YouTube sensation and Swedish rock duo Fast Forward Music announced they were changing their name to Twenty One Two. While name changes sometimes indicate a change of direction for a band, Twenty One Two quickly showed they were sticking to their rock roots with their epic cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”.

Staying true to their rock sound, Twenty One Two delivers a hard-hitting, must listen rock styled cover of T-Swift’s “Bad Blood”. With driving guitars and an overall infectious melody, Twenty One Two is able to transform “Bad Blood” from a chart topping pop hit into a pop-rock styled jam.

After seeing their name change a few days ago, it is great to see that Twenty One Two will still be bringing the same great rock sound that fans worldwide have come to love. If you enjoyed this cover, we highly recommend you check out TwentyOneTwo YouTube channel for more of their awesome rock renditions of hit pop songs!