Superfood- Mood Bomb

Put a little groove into your Tuesday

Bringing us their brand new single from their debut album Don’t Say That is grunge-pop band Superfood with “Mood Bomb”.

To be honest, before today I had never heard the genre ‘grunge-pop’ before, but, after taking a listen to Superfood’s “Mood Bomb” I think I’m a fan. Relying on a groovy and catchy hook, Superfood creates an instant hit with their new single “Mood Bomb”. Seeing how the video was released a little over a day ago and already massing close to 10k views, it seems like the fans agree.

With their debut album due out later this fall, the hype surrounding Superfood has risen significantly- and for good reason. Their unique take on the grunge genre has won the hearts and ears of fans worldwide and looks to grow even more with the release of their album.

To check out more music from Superfood before the release of their new album, head on over to their YouTube channel.

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