Sunny Day Real Estate- Lipton Witch

First new song in 14 years and it does not disappoint!

Coming off of a near 14 year hiatus, one of the pioneering bands in the emo genre, Sunny Day Real Estate, recently released vinyl split with new music, including the single “Lipton Witch”.

Garnering a massive following during their active years, Sunny Day Real Estate established themselves as one of the premiere acts in a growing, relatively new genre. After disbanding in 2001, with two members joining the Foo Fighters and others embarking on their own projects, fans were left with only the music they had released, and a growing hunger for new ones. Fast forward to present day and fans hunger is finally satisfied. Released by a fan who apparently ripped this single off of their vinyl, “Lipton Witch” has seemingly met up to every fans expectations. With much acclaim in the few weeks it has been public, “Lipton Witch” appears to be exactly what fans have been waiting for over these past few years.

Could this be the start of a reunion, or is it just a one time thing? We may not know that for awhile, but in the meantime, sit back and enjoy this amazing new single!