Sum 41- Fat Lip

This weeks Throwback Thursday

With frontman Deryck Whibley’s brush with death this past week due to alcoholism, Sum 41’s name has made a resurrection and has been plastered throughout the internet. I felt it was only fitting to feature their most iconic song, “Fat Lip”, as this weeks Throwback Thursday.

Going all the way back to 2001 (That’s 13 years for those bad at math), “Fat Lip” burst onto the music scene and became loved by middle schoolers throughout the country. Back when music television was still music television, “Fat Lip” dominated airtime, being played all throughout the day on MTV, VH1, and, my favorite at the time, Fuse. Sum 41 came out with a few other hit songs during their time together, but nothing would ever compare to popularity of “Fat Lip”.

Enjoy this blast to the past and bring back some memories of your elementary/middle/high school days.

We wish Deryck Whibley the best and hope for a fast recovery!

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