Spotify Playlist- One Hit Thuggers

Pure Gold

A few months back, my friend and I got into a discussion about famous one hit wonders. Somehow that discussion ended up switching over into famous one hit wonders within the hip hop and rap industry. So birthed the formation of One Hit Thuggers, the essential playlist for all your favorite one hit wonders.

Now I understand that a few songs on this playlist aren’t ‘technically’ one hit wonders, however, I felt that they fit the sound enough to be included on the playlist. For example: I don’t care how many hits Soulja Boy pumps out, “Crank That” and “Kiss Me Through The Phone” will always be considered one hit wonders to me, simple as that.

Enjoy the ridiculousness of the playlist and feel free to follow it on Spotify. I’ll be making additions to it occasionally as I deem fit.

On another note, I have a couple of other stupid playlists like this that I’ve created so I’ll occasionally post them on here for you all to enjoy!

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