Slow Magic- Corvette Cassette

Some incredible Live electronica music for your afternoon

Taken from his incredible performance on Audiotree TV is artist Slow Magic with his song, “Corvette Cassette”.

Performing a live rendition of an electronica song is always an interesting feat, and Slow Magic does not disappoint with his performance of “Corvette Cassette”. Using a computer, midi pad, and drums, Slow Magic does an incredible job of performing “Corvette Cassette” live, refusing to skip a beat and wowing all viewers with his musical skill. Throughout the entire video I was mesmerized by the talent being displayed in front of me, moving from computer/midi controller to drums without missing a beat, hitting every note and drum stroke perfectly.

Though naysayers of electronic music may scoff at this and say he isn’t doing much at all, I encourage you to go ahead and attempt what he is doing and then come back and say how easy it is. Music is music and Slow Magic proves that talent goes beyond just acoustic instruments.

For more awesome music from Slow Magic, check out his SoundCloud page!