Sloan- Keep Swinging (Downtown)

Nothing like a good old school rock sound

Bringing us a classic rock sound by way of Toronto is the rock quartet Sloan with their new single “Keep Swinging (Downtown)”.

Like a blast from the past, Sloan delivers an old-school rock sound with “Keep Swinging (Downtown)” that will leave you moving and grooving to the beat. Featuring driving and infectious chorus, “Keep Swinging (Downtown)” proves that Sloan still has plenty of music left in the tank.

“Keep Swinging (Downtown)” is the leading single off of the bands 11th studio album, Commonwealth. Yes, you read that right, their 11th studio album. Sloan has been around for quite some time,┬átogether for 20 plus years they have continually produced quality music. There efforts haven’t gone unnoticed either. Over their tenure, they have been nominated nine Juno awards (Canada’s highest musical recognition), winning one.

While Sloan seems to be much more established north of the border than here in the United States, I think fans of rock music everywhere can appreciate and enjoy the quality music that Sloan is still putting out. Head on over to Sloan’s YouTube channel for more awesome music!