Skrizzly Adams- Me and You

Epic new song from this up and coming Jersey based artist!

Repping the NYC/Jersey area is up and coming alternative rock/pop artist Skrizzly Adams with his epic new single, “Me and You”.

Combining a number of different elements, Skrizzly Adams produces a hard-hitting single in “Me and You”, showcasing his powerful voice, excellent melodies, and all-around fantastic musicianship. With an addictive chorus, catchy melody, and a hip-hop breakdown, “Me and You” features all the ingredients needed to produce a big time hit.

The fact that this song has less than 1k views on SoundCloud is an absolute crime. I think I’ve played it 4-5 times a day since I first heard it, it’s just that addictive and that good. The chorus is built with a anthem feel and by the 2nd or 3rd listen (which you will listen to it that many times) will have you wanting to sing along.

I’m no psychic but I see very big things on the horizon for Skrizzly Adams in the near future. With a single that can appeal to a mass number of people and an EP (which is fantastic) just released, Skrizzly Adams has the firepower needed to make some noise in the music industry.

Be on the lookout over the next couple of months for Skirzzly Adams name, I’m sure you’ll see it pop up plenty. In the meantime, head on over to his SoundCloud page and check out more of his awesome music!

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