Sims- Too Much feat P.O.S

One of the best Hip-Hop collectives in the game

Over the past few years, a number of hip-hop collectives have made their names known to mainstream audiences, Wu-Tang Clan, Odd Future, Sweatshop Union, and SAVE MONEY to name a few. One of the collectives that has flown under the radar of mainstream, but still made plenty of noise within the industry, is that of Doomtree.

Comprised of a number of talented artists and MCs, Doomtree has quickly rose to prominence in todays modern era of hip-hop collectives. Look no further than member Sims single, “Too Much” featuring another Doomtree member, P.O.S.. Combining a strong beat, solid flow, and a catchy hook, “Too Much” perfectly exemplifies how Doomtree has established themselves among some of the best.

Though lesser known to the general public, Doomtree is filled with talented artists and fantastic music. If you’ve never heard of, or checked them out before, I highly recommend you do so over on their website!