Shawn Wasabi- Marble Soda (Live Mashup)

Prepare to be amazed

These videos never seem to get old.

Utilizing his custom built Midi Fighter 64, Cali-based artist Shawn Wasabi performs a stellar live mashup of 153 different sounds and songs, creating something truly spectacular. 153 of anything is a big number to fit into one song, however, Shawn Wasabi makes it look easy in his live mashup, “Marble Soda”. And boy does he make it sound good.

It should be of no surprise that this video, released just 2 days ago, has already started to go viral. It’s just that awesome. Not only does it demonstrate an immense amount of skill, it also showcases a feel-good sound that is nothing short of infectious.

Shawn Wasabi has been impressing fans over the years with his amazing live mashups. We highly recommend you head on over to his YouTube channel to check out more of his incredible work!

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