Seafret- Wildfire

A spectacular mixture of video and music that will fascinate and amaze.

It is not very often that a musical artist creates a music video that moves us both physically and emotionally. However, UK-based duo Seafret do just that with their latest music video for their single “Wildfire”.

Most music videos today involve some sort of dancing, love story, or dramatic story line. Not Seafret. Instead, they decided to go a different, less conventional route in the form of a social experiment for their music video for “Wildfire”

Based off of the famed social experiment by psychologist Arthur Aron, who hypothesized that total strangers could fall in love simply by answering a series of 36 questions, Seafret organized a similar experiment; Gathering a group of single strangers, pairing them up, having them ask each other 36 questions, and then staring into each other’s eyes for 4 minutes while listening to music.

The ensuing results are fascinating and the footage of two strangers connecting for the first time combined with the powerful, love-fueled music of “Wildfire” creates a beautiful and moving viewing experience.

While the social experiment initially drew us in, it’s the spectacular music of Seafret that has us pressing play over and over again. With their beautiful combination of lyrics, vocals, and melody, Seafret is able to create a fantastic sound that makes an interesting video all the more fascinating.

Having released their debut album earlier in the year, the up-and-coming duo is poised to make 2016 their biggest year yet. Do yourself a favor and check out more of their amazing music over on their YouTube channel and check out their spectacular new album on their Spotify page!