Scarlet Baxter- Down With It

Be on the lookout for this pop star on-the-rise in 2015

Happy Friday everyone! The work week is finally over and it is time to celebrate the beginning of another weekend! And what better way to start a celebration than with an awesome, upbeat jam?

Coming at us by way of London, pop star on-the-rise Scarlet Baxter brings us that upbeat jam with her latest single, “Down With It”.

Combining elements of 90’s pop & R&B with a soulful and modern dance twist, Scarlet Baxter delivers a dance-fueled, upbeat hit with her single “Down With It”. From the second you push play, “Down With It” fills your ears with its infectious melody and leaves your body movin’ and groovin’ to the beat.

Hard at work over the past few years with internationally acclaimed pop and soul producers, Scarlet Baxter is ready to make a massive splash in the pop/soul industry this year. Judging by the success “Down With It” has found so far, we think she is well on her way to big things in 2015.

Don’t be late to the party on Scarlet Baxter, head on over to her SoundCloud page ASAP and check out more of her awesome music!

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