San Fermin- Sonsick

Incredible up and coming band from Brooklyn, NY

I had never listened to San Fermin up until a few weeks ago when a friend introduced me to them. I certainly was not disappointed.

San Fermin is a Baroque Pop/Indie band founded in Brooklyn by composer and songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone. They are  described by many not as an album of singles, but rather a full bodied listen. Their sound is very unique and refreshing from the top 40 you hear on the radio all day.

Their first song off their album, “Sonsick” has an opera like sound, with incredible vocals that will leave you with chills and fantastic instrumentals. Ellis Ludwig-Leone describes their hit as “Like a panic attack disguised as a birthday party” as it deals with the prominent real life issues of youth, anxiety, and love.

I would highly recommend checking out San Fermin over on their YouTube and Facebook pages. I’ve listened to a few snippets of them performing live and their voices are absolutely incredible and they sound just as good as they do in recording, if not better!

Thanks to Ethan Miller for the tip.