Sam Smith- Stay With Me (Cover)

Everyone’s favorite ballad with an incredible cover

Taking on Sam Smith’s massive hit, “Stay With Me” is UK based R&B singer, Raheem Bakare.

Utilizing his soulful voice and fantastic musical arrangement, Raheem Bakare performs a spectacular and chilling rendition of this massive ballad. Though there are hundreds of covers of “Stay With Me” on YouTube currently, Raheem’s version stood out to me. The combination of his excellent voice with a subdued, yet powerful music arrangement helped to create a spectacular rendition that separates this version from the rest of the pack.

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Reload Sessions, I was able to find this spectacular version to share with all of you! If you haven’t checked them out before, head on over to their YouTube channel for some more awesome content.

Don’t forget to check out more great music from Raheem Bakare over on his SoundCloud page!

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