Saint Pepsi- Fall Harder

So much groove

Coming to us by way of Long Island is the talented pop artist Saint Pepsi with his single “Fall Harder”.

An excellent blend of disco and pop elements, “Fall Harder” provides listeners with a laid-back yet uptempo melody that will be sure to get your feet moving. Filled with a ton of groove, “Fall Harder” is the dance fueled track you need to kick start your late night dance parties.

Saint Pepsi, also known as Ryan DeRobertis, has been tearing up the music scene this past year with his unique disco-pop sound that has captivated listeners throughout the world. A young kid at only 21, Saint Pepsi is proving age is just a number when it comes to musical talent.

Currently finishing up his fall tour, and soon to embark on his European one, Saint Pepsi is poised to close out 2014 with a bang. With 2015 on the horizon,we are very excited to see what else this talented young musician has in store for us. For more music from Saint Pepsi, head on over to his SoundCloud page.

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