Rusty Shackle- The Bones

Warning: You’ll be addicted to this song after first listen

Straight out of South Wales, United Kingdom, is alternative folk band Rusty Shackle with their hit song, “The Bones”. Self described as a dirty bluegrass folk and roll band, Rusty Shackle, consisting of six members, combines the use of guitars, fiddle, banjo, mandola, trumpet, bass, drums and percussion to give themselves a unique take on contemporary folk music.

“The Bones” is a perfect example of how all of their elements combine perfectly to make amazing music. With a strong, folk and roll type melody and a powerful, infectious chorus, “The Bones” is a surefire hit that will have audiences everywhere singing along.

If you like what you hear, don’t hesitate to check out more from Rusty Shackle over on their YouTube channel and Facebook page!

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